About me

Hello World

I am an independent Psychotherapist and Coach

Officially, I introduce myself as Mag. Pth. Elena Padurariu and my specialization is Family Systemic Therapy

Here are my studies:

  • Master Degree in Psychotherapy Science at Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna 2016
  • Master Thesis Theme: "Women in Leadership Positions and their Influence on the Organizational Health"
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychotherapy Science at Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna 2013
  • Bachelor Thesis at SFU Private University, Theme: „Working group in organisational field“ (2013)
  • Bachelor degree of the Academy of Economic Studies (Industrial Management), Bucharest, Romania (1997-2001)

And some of my further trainings:

  • Positive Psychology: Aplications and Interventions, 2017
  • Improving Communication Skills, 2017
  • Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman's Visonary Science, 2017
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance, 2015
  • Emotion Focus Therapy Level 1, SFU Vienna 2013
  • Practical training for children and adolescent psychotherapy, SFU Vienna 2012

My Philosophy

My deep wish and curiosity to understand people have been my reason for choosing this study. Ever since I had started it, my life has been continuously enriching and I know, I took the right way.

Allow yourself to be happy is the motto I have chosen to present my vision about psychotherapy. Why? Because I believe in each of us there are enough resources that could help us feel happier. In my vision, every person has an innate tendency toward self-actualisation and if the hindrances are eliminated, the individual can reach his/her full level of maturity, just like an oak grows from an acorn, the same our resources, if known and used, they can help us grow.

Inspired from many theories of the Happiness Psychology and strengthened by the solution focused techniques that Systemic Therapy training have offered me, my goal as psychotherapist is to accompany you on your way out of the difficult situations you may encounter. In this process, I am a trusted and respectful listener.

I know that small changes lead to big changes

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