I challenge you to write your successes!



Most of us start a new year setting our resolutions for the year to come. New days, new hopes, new opportunities are rising. We like to think of the present as to live in the moment, but very often, the present is influenced by the way we see our failures and successes, our strengths and weaknesses. And here is the thing: we tend to focus more on failures and on weaknesses rather than on our successes.

As I try to see both sides of the coin, or let’s say, the duality of things, I came to the idea to challenge you-before you set your New Year’s resolution- to reflect on your own successes and on the wisdom behind them.

Shortly: What worked well for you and why?

As for me, here are some ideas that have made my life easier:

Success nr. 1

Understanding that everything changes; nothing is permanent. One day can start bad but end well, one year can start bad and end well. So was my year. This gives me hope.

Success nr. 2

Forgiving myself and others makes my heart lighter. It is about knowing my strengths and weaknesses, my good and bad qualities and accepting that others too, have their own. This helps to move forward, not backward.

Success nr. 3

Being aware that I take responsibility for my life. I know there is a fate, but I am not leaving it all to it. Taking responsibility means the courage to be in contact with myself and to know myself, know what I want and have the strength to take action towards my goal.

Success nr. 4

Setting a goal for my career and acknowledging that the road has ups and downs and that it takes mental toughness to achieve it helped me keep my motivation. Sometimes it is easier to set a goal but much harder to pursue it and to stay on track. Whenever I felt insecure, I remembered why I was doing things in the first place and I looked for a deeper sense of purpose.

Success nr. 5

Improving communication makes my life much easier. It is simple: when I clearly communicate my needs and wishes, I have better chances to be understood and to get what I need. Also, making sure that “I’ve got it”, that I understood what others want, leaves no place for inappropriate interpretations on my side. Ok, this is a key attribute in my work, so I had to work on it :))

Success nr. 6

Admitting that we are all different helps me in setting expectations and in not taking things personally. It’s a matter of accepting that I cannot change others and work on my perspective.

After all, being surrounded by people similar to us sounds quite boring, doesn’t it?

Success nr. 7

Having a passion is life changing. For me it is sport. When work becomes overwhelming, doing something for myself brings my energy back and helps de-focus.

In the end, what gives me power to create success is knowing I can everyday access the wisdom of the world, either by reading a book, an article or by talking to a friend or by simply reflecting on my own wisdom.

Do you reflect on your wisdom?

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