New year,
new resolution:
being my own hero



Self-growth is on everyone’s lips these days. Books, video channels, Ted talks, you name it. What an interesting journey one can have! The story that takes you to know yourself is a never-ending one, with so many surprises hidden just around the corner, sometimes good, sometimes scary, sometimes sad. But that's the whole beauty, isn't it? Remember Dorothy and her trip on the yellow brick road towards the Wizard of Oz? Well, something like that is our story, too. With the right motivation, we can find a warm home inside ourselves.

Different situations make us behave in a certain way. Different people take the best or the worst out of ourselves. It's interesting to notice how strong we can master some situations and yet, how weak we are in other ones. Our personality is made of our core selves, with a touch from our parents, the influence of society rules, inspiring mentors, dear friends who touched our heart.

But our voice is just ours, is what makes us unique on Earth. Find it and hold on to it!

Some time ago, I was talking to a dear friend describing him that I feel lost in a sea, not knowing exactly where to head to. We talked about having "instruments" to help us navigate: maps, compass, boat, crew, rescue boats. The more instruments we have, the clearer the direction and the easier to follow it. We were thinking that storms are coming anyway, but most important is to know how to maneuver our ship so that we don't take the biggest waves frontally, but in a way that makes us move forward. And this is an art. Is the art of seeing storms coming, the art of not resisting, but accepting them, the art of using all "instruments" we have and of not forgetting where we were heading in the first place? After some time, I know what my instruments are: my values, my life experience, the moral legacy I have from my parents, friends and family that offer me support without expecting something in return, my imperfect personality. This is what makes me unique.

What makes you unique?

Knowing yourself is being able to navigate alone, you with yourself, no distractions attached. I love movies like Cast away, Life of Pi, The old man and the sea. They show the power inside us that otherwise we don't see in everyday life. They show the mental strength one could have of not being overwhelmed by problems, but instead to keep the mind busy with finding solution after solution. Here are the situations when I think we, as humans, have so much potential and creativity for problem solving, that we often believe we don't have, or we underestimate.

I guess, I am an incurable optimistic person.

This journey I am taking for myself is what inspires me help others find their own journey, their own ship to navigate in life, their own treasure lying inside waiting to be discovered.

I believe, we as humans have tremendous potential, space to fill in till we reach our own home.

Sure, we all have been through difficult situations and we will be in again, but is the attitude that matters, do we keep our head up or down, do we give in after the first storm, or we sail even more determined further?

We all like stories with heroes, let's make a step together and discover the hero in you.

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